Membership Vote – President’s Release

On March 17, 2023, SRTA members are asked to participate in a membership vote related to the release time for the SRTA president. Currently, the SRTA president is released from their assignment on a half-time release basis, but this year, a special Ad hoc committee of SRTA members recommended that the position move to full-time release.

This morning, posters were sent to all schools and workplaces via the SRSD courier. These posters give a broad overview of the vote and the reasons why the SRTA President’s Release Ad hoc committee has made their recommendation. A one-sheet summary with more detailed explanations were also delivered to Council Representatives at each school/workplace. This one-sheet will also be sent to each member in a distributed email. If you are an SRTA member and wish to ensure that you are receiving emails from the SRTA, please sign up using this link.

Additional information about this recommendation, including the committee’s comprehensive report, can be found at This link leads to an SRSD SharePoint folder that is accessible to all SRTA members through their SRSD sign-in credentials. Members may be asked to request permission to access the site, which is easy to do on the site itself.

Instagram image - SRTA membership vote for full-time president March 17, 2023