Teacher / Staff Appreciation Week – February 12 – 18

Celebrating the tremendous influence of Manitoba teachers on children’s lives

Remember those teachers who showed you kindness, whose influence sticks with you today, who may have helped you choose a career or discover a passion—or who pointed you back on the right path? Think of a teacher who is doing the same for your child or grandchild.

“Next to parents and guardians, teachers have a tremendous influence on children’s lives,” says Manitoba Teachers’ Society President Norm Gould. He’ll be delivering that message during Canada’s Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week, February 12-18.

“Think about it, the relationship between parents and teachers is what drives the success of public schools in Manitoba,” says Gould. “I’d like to thank the parents of public school children across the province for trusting us to educate their children. And I’m so very proud of our over 15,000 MTS members who teach, guide and inspire those students, every day.”

Gould says there’s nothing more satisfying for teachers than watching a student grasp a concept during an “aha” moment. “We live for that. To a teacher that’s what it’s about.”

“You know, William Butler Yeats once said, ‘Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.’ Manitoba teachers do that every day.”

But it’s a challenge, says Gould. Students come with emotional, intellectual and physical challenges that require intense preparation and sensitivity on the part of teachers. “And teachers know the toll poverty and hunger take on a child’s self-esteem and ability to learn.”

Gould says teachers appreciate the parents, guardians and other individuals who’ll be expressing their thanks this week. “Even a quick ‘hi’ at the grocery store, is appreciated,” he says. “Bottom line is, we’re grateful to be on the same team.”