The Manitoba Teacher – December Issue is Available

In the December issue of “The Manitoba Teacher” (sorry about our omission of the word Manitoba in previous posts!), the focus is on how brands market to children, as the cover story “Brand Bombing Kids” alludes to. Inside, there is an article about how marketers “have begun aggressively marketing to children to develop lifelong brand preferences,” and offers tips for how parents and educators can take action. Also in the issue is a great article on alternative programs, a look at a car restoration program, an examination of the pension system and a profile on new Minister of Education and Advanced Learning James Allum.

In every issue, MTS president Paul Olson includes a column, and in this issue, Mr. Olson is asking for your help. He writes about the teacher experience with the new provincial report card and how many of the teachers he has spoken to are taking issue with the implementation of the new systems required to complete report cards. He wants to hear from you, whether that be a direct message via Twitter (@MTSPaul) or Facebook, or by sending an email to your association president Jonathan Waite. He sums up the article with a statement the SRTA echoes: “To a great extent, our service and leadership are as good as the conversations you have with us.”

If you have signed up for the digital version of the magazine, you should be receiving an email letting you know that the latest edition is available at the MTS website. If you are still getting the paper version, keep an eye on your mailboxes as they should be arriving before the winter break.