Apply for Project Overseas 2014

Project Overseas is one of the many great programs that the Manitoba Teachers’ Society provides its members grants for, and with the grant application date closing in quickly, we want SRTA members to know about this wonderful PD opportunity!

Project Overseas is a program jointly developed by the Canadian Teachers’ Federation, its partner associations (the MTS being one of those partners) and overseas partner organizations. The mission of Project Overseas is to improve the quality of education in Canada and the developing countries in which we work. Although the primary focus of Project Overseas is teacher professional development, the primary goal is improved teaching and learning for students around the world.

MTS has worked with CTF on Project Overseas by providing grants for a variety of educational projects and has worked with teachers’ unions in a number of countries around the world from Tanzania to the Caribbean. Each year, the program invites about 50 Canadian teachers (formed into teams in January) to spend their summers working with colleagues in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. Last year, SRTA treasurer Chantal Tytgat had the opportunity to travel to St. Lucia as part of the Project Overseas team, and we will have an insightful interview with Chantal on this website and in the SRTA newsletter in October.

CTF and MTS are looking for English and French speaking teachers at all levels to be part of the 2014 Project Overseas program. At last year’s MTS Annual General Meeting, a motion was passed which increased the grant availability to five members of MTS, and applications are still being accepted up to Wednesday, October 30th.

If you are interested in applying for a Project Overseas grant and being part of this humanitarian program, you can do so by contacting Nancy Kerr at The Manitoba Teachers’ Society, either by phone (204-831-3086 or toll free 1-866-494-5747 ext 216) or by email (

This article includes information reprinted from the CTF Project Overseas website and the MTS International Development website.