Oui, j’appuie l’éducation en français

The majority of classroom teachers in Seine River are teachers of French language, whether those be basic/core French or French Immersion programs.  As well, many SRTA members are parents or relatives of students in Immersion or Francophone schools.  As such, you may be concerned about the future of French language education in Manitoba.  We received information from the Partners for French Education, a community group committed to the preservation of French language education for future generations, in regards to two evenings planned for March.

On March 5, 2018, at École/Collègè régional Gabrielle Roy in Ile des Chenes, and then again on March 7, 2018, at the Caboto Centre in Winnipeg, the Partners for French Education will host community information and consultation sessions to learn about important changes a the Bureau de l’éducation française (BEF) and the potential impact on the quality of French language education for students in our province. The meetings go from 7pm to 9pm

Below, we have linked posters for the events (English and French) for you to distribute to anyone who you think should know about these important sessions.  If you need more information, call 204-233-2556 (204-233-ALLÔ).

French poster
English poster