MTS Website Poll – Take part!

SRTA Member Shannon Philippe reached out to us earlier today to let us know about an interesting poll being conducted through the MTS website. In addition to being an excellent teacher here in Seine River, Shannon is part of the MTS Teacher-Led Learning Team. As part of her role, she is tasked with co-designing and presenting a PD session on Classroom Management and Student Engagement.

In preparation for this important PD event, the TLLT is gathering data related to these topics, and as such, have arranged for an online poll titled, “What would you do?” to be featured on the home page of the MTS website, near the bottom of the front page. To take part, all Members have to do is click on the picture and answer the question. Alternatively, you can click on this link to take you directly to the correct section.

After taking part in the poll, a section appears explaining the answers to the question. This poll is another example of the new features that MTS is trying to use to connect with Members via the website. The data is collected and used in the TLLT presentation. The poll is anonymous, meaning no personal information will be gathered.

We hope many SRTA Members get a chance to visit the MTS website and take part in the poll as soon as possible!