October 2015 Newsletter

SRTA Newsletter October 2015Thanks to the efforts of so many of you, the first newsletter of the 2015-2016 school year is now available and it is AMAZING! Under the guidance of our Public Relations chair Sandy Turcotte, this issue is one of our biggest yet, and is chock full of terrific information about the upcoming federal election, along with articles about professional development opportunities (both in the past and the near future). Many of your dedicated executive members chime in with information we’re sure you’ll enjoy as well.

The digital version of the newsletter can be found on our Scribd page. A print copy has been sent via courier this afternoon for delivery to all workplaces/schools, but due to some minor technical issues, a handful of them are printed in black and white. We hoped that all of them would be in colour, and will strive to get back to that standard in December.