MTS Telephone Poll on Provincial Report Card

We received word yesterday on a telephone poll that the Manitoba Teachers’ Society has begun, in regards to the provincial report card. MTS has been hearing from individual teachers and teachers’ associations about concerns they have with the new provincial report card. To gather further information, the Society is conducting research to identify the exact issues.

Starting Friday April 11, MTS will be fielding a telephone poll of teachers asking questions about their experiences preparing the provincial report cards. This is a legitimate survey conducted by an independent polling company sponsored by MTS. The Society hopes to use the information gathered to examine how the report card and its preparation could be improved.

Teachers who do not receive a call can still contribute to our research by sending an email to describing their experiences preparing the report card. You are asked to include the school division. Specifically, MTS is looking for feedback on these issues:

  • The time it took to prepare report cards
  • The process of preparing personal comments for multiple objectives and many students
  • The letter grades, percentages and numbers used as marks
  • The requirement to write comments containing strengths, challenges and next steps for many different objectives and many different students
  • Problems with technology, data entry, transferring data and servers.
  • The training or feedback received on how to prepare the report card
  • Any positive or negative feedback received from parents
  • The effect on their personal life

MTS is also interested in any other issues not specifically mentioned above. We at the SRTA ask teachers to add their voice to this important issue so that the Society may assemble a complete report on the new provincial report card. This report will be shared with delegates to the MTS Annual General Meeting in May and with the Minister of Education and relevant school boards.

All responses will be strictly confidential. No names will be used in the report.