MTS Annual Member Poll

We just received word from the Manitoba Teachers’ Society that beginning this weekend MTS will be begin their annual member poll. Members will be telephoned at their homes and asked questions about a variety of issues that affect them in their working lives. Call display will show The Manitoba Teachers’ Society (204 831 3087). The information that is gathered in this telephone survey helps MTS plan and improve programs and services for teachers, and they (and we) thank those of you who participate in the survey for supporting this important work.

These calls will continue each evening for about two weeks. We wish to let you know that is a legitimate telephone survey being conducted on behalf of MTS and that if they have further questions, call or email Judy Edmond, who is part of the Public Affairs department at the Society. Her direct line number is 204-837-4666 ext. 291, or tool-free at 1-800-262-8803 ext. 291. Her email address is