Teacher-Led Learning Teams

One of the many great initiatives that the Manitoba Teachers’ Society creates for its members is the Teacher-Led Learning Team. This group of fellow teachers provides in-school or on-site workshops for MTS members across the province. In February, the Teacher-Led Learning team launched four new workshops. These are half-day workshops available to be booked at school sites or divisional/association PD Days.

Members can access an informational brochure and the Workshop Request Form on the MTS Website at https://www.mbteach.org/professional-development/tllt.html. Workshops are as follows:

  • Workshop #1: The 4A’s Inclusivity Lens: Is Everyone in Focus?
    Participants will develop the capacity to work inclusively with diverse school communities.
    Topics: inclusive practices that enhance access, agency, advocacy, and solidarity action; privilege and power.
  • Workshop #2: Classroom Management & Student Engagement
    Participants will explore prevention and intervention strategies to enhance classroom management and student engagement.
    Topics: relationships; role of the teacher; brain friendly teaching; conscious discipline skills; paradigms for responding to challenging behaviours; psychology of success.
  • Workshop #3: High Impact Teams
    Participants will learn about ways to enhance meaningful collaborative work within grade-level teams, PLCs, and departments.
    Topics: qualities of high-performing groups, strengths and impacts of work style preferences; tools for talking about things that matter.
  • Workshop #4: Cultivating the Super Powers in your Teams: Working with Educational Assistants
    Participants will explore practices and strategies that enhance dynamic working relationships between teachers and EAs.
    Topics: roles and responsibilities of Educational Assistants; MTS policy and provincial regulations; effective communication strategies.

Inquiries and requests for more information can be sent to MTS Staff Officer Danielle Fullan Kolton (204-831-3064, dfullankolton@mbteach.org).