MTS Provides Resources for Provincial Election

Welcome back from Spring Break, where apparently we earned a break from Spring itself! Don’t worry — the snow will eventually go away. The question is, will there still be snow on the ground when we vote in the provincial election that takes place on April 19th? Even though we’ve had a milder-than-usual winter, my hope is no.

Speaking of voting, did you know that the Manitoba Teachers’ Society has dedicated an entire section of their website as a compendium of information related to the election? The site went live just before Spring Break started and can be accessed directly by visiting The website includes profiles of the three main political leaders, campaign promises and election resources. MTS will be adding content to the website regularly, so be sure to check back often. Big thanks to the MTS Communications/Publications Department for their work on this.

Also, in two short days, MTS will be hosting a virtual townhall conference call for MTS members. To get in on the conversation, all you need to do is accept the call on April 6th, which will come to the phone number you have indicated in your MyProfile. If you have not yet registered for MyProfile and want to participate in the call, head over to to get your information in before Wednesday.

Our Public Relations Chair Sandy Turcotte plans on publishing a special edition of the SRTA newsletter in the coming days, so keep your eyes open for that as well. We will send printed copies to each school and will have the digital version here on the website. There is a lot to talk about before April 19th!