Catalysts For Change

doc-CatalystsForChange-Poster-0001Last week we received a poster for the Catalysts For Change Workshop from Terry Price, the Department Head for Professional and French Language Services at the Manitoba Teachers’ Society. We want to make sure all SRTA members know about this very exciting workshop, which will assist in developing the skills of teacher leaders and aspiring and early service school leaders to initiate, facilitate and navigate change in educational contexts. Dr. Cathryn Smith will be facilitating the workshops, which will take place at McMaster House (191 Harcourt St., Winnipeg).

The workshop is a two day affair, the first being November 17 and the second taking place on February 16. Topics include change theory, case studies, managing conflict, team building, visioning, action research, change frameworks, shared leadership and change agency. Participants must attend the first day to be able to attend the second. These workshops can be used towards Administrator Level 1 & 2 (Leadership), Special Education, and Counselling certification. To register, click this link (MTS MemberLink).