Vision Vote Results

On behalf of the executive of the Association, thank you to all SRTA members that took the time to vote this week on whether or not to add vision coverage to our existing extended health plan. The results are in and the vote has passed. Based on elections results we will be adding Vision coverage to our Extended Health Benefits plan with $300 coverage. We anticipate that coverage will begin on September 1, 2015.

A special thanks go to the representatives of the SRTA council, who coordinated the vote at schools and workplaces. Also, this vote could not have been tabulated so quickly without the dedicated efforts of the elections team after school yesterday. If you happen to see Nancy Krueger, Robert Marcoux or Cindy Mason in the hallway today, give them a nod and your thanks for their work yesterday evening.

If members have any questions about this result, please email or call Jonathan Waite, president of the Association. As per our Constitution, the ballots from this vote shall not be destroyed until such time as the Chief Returning Officer presents a written report to the Representative Council, stating the election results and a motion to destroy the ballots is carried at that meeting. Our next SRTA council meeting is scheduled for June 9th.

More details about the vote and the coverage has been sent to members via the SRTA email list. If you are not on the list yet and wish to be added, please contact us.