Province Encourages Students of All Ages to Attend Science Festival

The following is a press release from the Manitoba Teachers’ Society. It is in regards to the upcoming Science Rendezvous event.

Education and Advanced Learning Minister James Allum is encouraging Manitobans to attend Science Rendezvous, a countrywide science and technology festival taking place this Saturday, May 10.

“With so many career opportunities in science, technology and trades here in Manitoba, our government is pleased to support educational opportunities that help students get excited about science and the possibility of careers in the science field,” said Minister Allum. “Science Rendezvous makes science accessible with engaging, informative and interactive events that help students stay connected and engaged with learning.”

More than 150 volunteers are helping to organize the festival, which will include interactive displays, hands-on activities for kids, science shows, tours of research facilities and cutting-edge research.

“The goal of Science Rendezvous is to reveal the fun side of science. It’s not just memorizing formulas out of textbooks – it’s also getting your hands dirty and satisfying your curiosity,” said Kelsey Miller, executive director. “By breaking down stereotypes about science, we hope to light the spark of curiosity in our nation’s youth and inspire the next generation of researchers and innovators.”

“Science Rendezvous is a wonderful way to promote science awareness in Canada,” says Dr. Digvir Jayas, vice-president (research and international), University of Manitoba. “Bringing the public in to interact with scientists who can share their passion for discovery and innovation directly engages people on an individual basis and makes them aware of the importance of science in today’s world.”

“Our faculty loves Science Rendezvous,” says Dr. James Currie, dean, faculty of science at the University of Winnipeg, which hosted about 300 to 400 visitors during last year’s event. “We turn our building into a science museum for the day and members of the public come to get fun, hands-on experience in chemistry, physics, anthropology and science of all sorts! It’s a great way to help the community interact with the work of our researchers.”

The Manitoba government is providing support for the festival through the five-year Science Education Action Plan, which includes funding for science classroom renewal, teacher training and new strategic partnerships to promote the province’s science programming.

The plan ensures high school students have access to the best labs and equipment, and are taught according to a continually updated science curriculum.

Science Rendezvous events in Winnipeg are being held at the University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg. For more information, go to