The role of the Provincial Executive, and how you can be nominated

Every so often we will talk about the Provincial Executive of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society, whether that be at council meetings, in the newsletter or right here on our web site. Some of you may not know anything about the provincial executive, and so today we want to tell you all about the group of people affectionately known as P.Ex..

According to the constitution of the MTS, also knows as the Teachers’ Society Act, the Provincial Executive consists of the president, the vice-president or vice-presidents and any other members prescribed in the bylaws of the society. The Provincial Executive may exercise the powers given to it under the act and any other powers prescribed in the bylaws of the MTS. Constitutionally, their mandate is to determine the remuneration to be paid to the general secretary and any other staff, but in policy they do much more than that.

The duties of the Provincial Executive is a long and exhaustive list, and rather than reproduce what is included in Bylaw V of the Constitution, Bylaws and Policies Governing The Manitoba Teachers’ Society document, here is a sample of the work they do on a regular basis:

  • Hold at least four meetings a year to discuss the issues which affect the MTS and its members;
  • Take responsibility and designate chairs for a variety of established standing committees: Collective Bargaining Committee, Curriculum and Teaching Committee, Group Benefits Committee, Professional Development Committee, Teacher Education and Certification Committee, Education Finance Committee, Workplace Safety and Health Committee, Equity and Society Justice Committee, and Aboriginal Voice and Action Committee;
  • Where required, develop interim policy on emergent issues;
  • Respond to concerns raised by individuals, associations or other groups within the Society;

The Provincial Executive is also made up of eleven members-at-large who are elected for a two-year term at the MTS Annual General Meeting. This year, there are five positions for Members-at-Large of the Provincial Executive to be filled for 2014-2016. If you are interested in seeking a nomination for Provincial Executive member-at-large, we at the SRTA ask that you get in contact with us as soon as possible, as nominations must reach the Society offices no later than 4:00 p.m. Monday, March 17, 2014. For more information on the nomination procedure, see this bylaw summary.