Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week – February 10-14

Teacher with studentDid you know it’s teacher/staff appreciation week? We received the following information from MTS and want to pass it on to our members, and hope that everyone is having a great week!

Teachers and staff in today’s public schools make vital contributions—both personally and professionally—to the lives and education of Manitoba students. That’s the message Manitoba Teachers’ Society president Paul Olson will be delivering this week during Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week.

“Students’ futures depend on being able to learn and live well. As teachers, we want them to be excited about school. To discover, and rediscover, the joy of learning.”

For that to happen, Olson says so many factors must come into play. As front-line workers in education, teachers are “incredibly vocal” in standing up for students’ needs and in defending their interests. “Not only do our members work hard, day after day, to give quality instruction and attention to students, they also get involved in the larger issues that affect their students’ learning.

“We continually advocate for better resources and programs, smaller class sizes, stable funding, school safety; the kinds of things that make it possible for kids to learn well, and for us to do our best work.”

“The partnership between parents and teachers is so important,” says Olson, and teachers welcome their feedback. “Parents and teachers working together are a powerful force in helping students reach their full potential—and when your kids succeed, we celebrate right along with you.”