How Well do You Know the SRTA Collective Agreement?

How well do you know the Seine River Teachers’ Association collective agreement? Send the answers to the following questions to Pat Liss at DTS and be entered for achance to win one of four $25.00 Visa gift cards. Deadline: May 10, 2013.

1. As of July 1, 2013, what will the base allowance of a K-8 principal be?
a) $1642.37
b) $5933.77
c) $7252.40
d) $4732.57

2. What is the maximum number of sick days a teacher may accumulate?
a) 20
b) 95
c) 125
d) 200

3. What is the minimum grant amount a teacher taking a year’s sabbatical can expect to receive?
a) $7000.00
b) $7650.00
c) $5000.00
d) there is no such thing as a sabbatical grant

4. A part-time teacher who is requested to participate in a school activity outside of his/her regularly scheduled teaching time is entitled to receive:
a) 1/200 of his/her salary, or portion thereof
b) time in lieu
c) substitute rate, or portion thereof
d) either a or b

5. How many days must a substitute teacher work consecutively before he/she begins to accumulatesick leave credits?
a) 10 days
b) 5 days
c) subs cannot accumulate sick days

(reprinted from March newsletter)